PRICHINDEL Puppet Theatre Alba Iulia




The mission of “Prichindel” Puppet Theatre Alba Iulia is to provide theatre productions and events as to educate through theatre, in order to increase the level of cultural development of the county community. “Prichindel” Puppet Theatre Alba Iulia carries out its activity based on the management program elaborated by the manager, in accordance with the cultural and educational-formative strategies established by the Alba County Council.




Theatre class

“The House of Stories” program aims to present performances from the repertoire at the theatre. In this way, a theatre performance becomes a truly educational class, starting from the specific space to the story itself.

The theatre, as a space specific to the performing arts, offers to the young audience a first sight into its intrinsic significance: stage, curtain, projectors, microphones, seats for spectators, etc. So, it is the first thing that the young spectator learns when it comes to the theatre class. The next step for the children is to learn about the conduct in the theatre, before, during and at the end of the show. And one last step, the most complex and most important, is the performance itself, a performance that, through the story it presents in front of the young audience, gives them advice, develops their imagination, animates their desire and the joy of playing.

An hour spent at the theatre means an hour of life lessons, masterfully told, with music and color, suited to their understanding.



PREMIERES – New stories for children

The “Premieres” Program aims to constantly enrich the repertoire of the theatre with a new story that brings joy, teachings and cheerfulness.

Every year we want to present on the stage of our theatre new atractive, educational and interactive performances as much appealing as possible for children.

When we talk about novelty, we also refer to the diversity of the directors views. In this regard we can say that we have collaborated with numerous directors, scenographers, composers from home or abroad, all highly appreciated by the guild: Cristian Pepino, Cristina Pepino, Eustațiu Gregoarian, Decebal Marin, Gabriel Apostol, Radu Dinulescu, Daniel Stanciu, Oana Leahu , Dorina Crișan-Rusu, Eugenia Tărășescu-Jianu, Marian Sandu, Nicu Alifantis, Aurel Christmas, Teodora Popa, Todor Valov, Natalia Gocheva, Hristina Nedeva.




The “Puppet Caravan” program includes three complex projects designed for preschoolers and schoolchildren in Alba County. The education through theatre and the involvement of the children, giving them knowledge about what it means to conceive and present a theatre performance, but also how to be a good spectator, are the ways in which we get involved in their cultural development.

The artists are coming!

Through this project we set out to present the performances from the repertoire in the community centers or cultural houses in the towns and villages of Alba County.


The mobile stage

It is the project that gives us the possibility to present the  performances of the theatre, either in the city of Alba Iulia, outdoors, or in Alba County, in the villages that do not have an adequate space for housing events.



Theatre lesson

Through these open lessons, through the direct contact of the children with the actors and their puppets, we aim to stimulate the interest for culture and art, to develop the imagination and artistic sensibility by initiating interactive games.






The little actor

The main purpose of the project is to provide children and teenagers with an educational alternative in relation to the theatrical act in its complexity. By organizing theatre workshops for both schoolchildren and teenagers, we set out to offer them the opportunity to discover the complexity of the theatre performance (acting, the art of puppetry, scenography, dramatic writing). Thus, those who benefit from these acting lessons discover their artistic potential, develop their artistic skills and ways of expression. Through this project they learn about the whole set of activities that are performed in the making of a theatre performance.



Theatre animation

Presenting theatrical animation moments by the professional actors of the theatre, the children meet the characters from the performances. The joy and applauses of the beneficiaries of these presentations are a relevant feed-back and a motivation for the implementation of such a project.



PRICHINDEL’S FRIENDS –  Learning together

Project aim:

– raising awareness on the importance of healthy habits related to hygiene and nutrition, as well as preventive behavior in society;

– regarding the theatre as an institution that is involved not only in the performance art, but also in the education of children;

– development of a strong partnership network that can lead to both the development of this project and also the initiation of new educational projects.




The International Theatre Festival “Povești” was awarded the Special Prize granted by the UNITER Senate in 2018, started from the motto “play and learn” in 2006. The festival was designed exclusively for the community from Alba, offering the possibility to experience the contemporary theatrical phenomenon in its diversity and complexity, for both adults and children. The program is a complex one, offering theatre / theatre-dance / musicals, book launches, exhibitions, creative workshops, reading-performances, concerts, conferences, creating memorable moments for both the public and the guests from home and abroad.

At that time, in the beginning, there was no other similar festival in the country, that was aimed at both children and adults. Art as a means of communication, art as a means of education, art as a means of social development – goals that can be found in a cultural celebration who welcomes everyone, from young to old, everyone who understands how important education and culture are for both the individual and the society / community in which one lives.

The financial support that the Alba County Council grants each year to this festival, to this cultural project, gives it the reputation of a guardianship institution that understands the importance of culture, including in its cultural development strategy the support of such projects, projects dedicated to the community.




The “Prichindel” Puppet Theatre collaborates with cultural institutions / associations in order to implement projects whose common purpose is to support and promote cultural-educational activities among children and young people.



THEATRE EXPERIENCES – Prichindel at festival

The program “Theatre Experiences”, as its name implies, is a program that aims to promote on the stage of national and international festivals the performances made by the “Prichindel” Puppet Theatre team.

“Prichindel at festival!” is a project that represents our business card in the country and abroad. Through the wonderful performances that we offer to the audience in the country or abroad, by organizing with professionalism and promptness the artistic approach, we have gained the status of a serious, professional theatre, thus developing many strong partner relationships with the other profile institutions, from within or outside the country.

Over time this project took us in Romania: Arad, Bucharest, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Galați, Sibiu, Timișoara, Turda, Pitești, but also abroad: Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, France. That is why we consider this project a natural and necessary step in the recognition of a theatre by the specialists of the trade, but also for the opportunity of new meetings with other specialists in the field of animation theatre, an extremely complex theatre which still has many unknown in our community.




Participation in numerous national and international festivals has led to the growth of the name, as a professional institution, which can perform on any stage, from anyplace, theatre performances of the highest artistic level. As proof of this stand the numerous awards received at these festivals to which we have been invited to or selected.

  • THE PRIZE FOR DIRECTING – “THE LITTLE WITCH” by Otfried Preussler, directed by Todor Valov, at the International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Sub căciula lui Guguță”, 10th edition, 2019, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
  • DIPLOMA FOR CULTURAL MANAGEMENT, awarded to Mrs. Ioana Bogățan, manager of Prichindel Puppet Theatre Alba Iulia, at the International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Sub căciula lui Guguță”, 10th edition, 2019, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova.
  • THE POPULARITY AWARD for the performance “THE GOAT WITH THREE KIDS”, at the International Animation Festival “SUB BAGHETA LUI MERLIN” Timișoara, 3rd edition, 2018.
  • THE PRIZE FOR DIRECTING  AWARDED TO Mr.TODOR VALOV for THE LITTLE WITCH performance, at the second edition of the International Animation Festival ”Sub bagheta lui MERLIN”, Timişoara, 2017.
  • DIPLOMA FOR VISUAL IMPACT – THE LITTLE WITCH performance, directed by Todor Valov, PUCK International Festival, Cluj Napoca, 2017.
  • SCENOGRAPHY PRIZE – THE STORY OF LITTLE MUCK performance, directed by Todor Valov, International Puppet Theater Festival ”Sub căciula lui Guguță”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2017.
  • THE PRIZE FOR ORIGINALITY OF THE CULTURE OF OBJECTS – THE STORY OF LITTLE MUCK performance, International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theater – ImPuls, Bucharest, 2016.
  • SPECIAL JURY AWARD FOR THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE SHOW – THE STORY OF LITTLE MUCK performance, PUCK International Puppet and MarionettesTheaters Festival, Cluj Napoca, 2016.
  • PRIZE FOR SCENOGRAPHICAL ORIGINALITY – THE STORY OF LITTLE MUCK performance, directed by Todor Valov, Gulliver International Animation Festival, Galaţi, 2016.
  • SCENOGRAPHY PRIZE, International Festival of Puppet Theaters ”Sub căciula lui Guguță”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2014.
  • THE PRIZE FOR “INTERPRETATION” AWARDED TO AMALIA POP, International Festival of Puppet Theaters ”Sub căciula lui Guguță”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2014.
  • THE PRIZE FOR THE COMPLEXITY OF SCENE IMAGERY AND INTERPRETATION,  International Festival of Puppet Theaters ”Sub căciula lui Guguță”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova 2012.
  • PRIZE FOR THE SKILLFULNESS PORTRAYED IN PUPPET HANDLING in the performance ZULENKA, PUCK Puppet and marionettes Puppet Theater International Festival, Cluj Napoca 2012.
  • SPECIAL JURY PRIZE FOR THE ZULENKA ROLE – played by AMALIA POP, GULLIVER International Animation Festival, Galaţi, 2012.
  • SPECIAL JURY PRIZE FOR THE ROLE OF THE WITCH ZARALDA – played by TEODORA POPA, GULLIVER International Animation Festival, Galati, 2012.
  • THE PRIZE FOR SKILLFULNESS PORTRAYED IN PUPPET HANDLING – ZULENKA performance, International festival for Animation Theater „Bucurii pentru copii, spectacole de colecție”, Bucharest, 2012.
  • PRIZE FOR THE LIVE AMBIENTAL MUSIC in THE UNIVERSE FROM THE MAGIC LANTERN, “PUCK” International Festival of Puppet and Marionettes Theaters, Cluj Napoca, 2012.
  • PRIZE FOR RITHM AND MUSICALITY IN “WHO WILL GUARD THE BLUEBELLS?”, PUCK International Puppet Theater and MarionettesTheater Festival, Cluj Napoca 2011.
  • THE PRIZE FOR THE LIVELINESS AND MUSICALITY IN “WHO WILL GUARD THE BLUEBELLS?”, International Festival of Animation Theater ”Bucurii pentru copii”, Ţăndărică Theater, Bucharest, 2011.
  • DIPLOMA FOR CULTURAL MANAGEMENT FOR PROMOTING AND SUPPORT OF THE ANIMATION ART IN THE ROMANIAN AND INTERNATIONAL THEATER LANDSCAPE, awarded to Mrs. IOANA BOGĂŢAN – International Festival of Animation Art ”Bucurii pentru copii”, Ţăndărică Theater, Bucharest, 2010
  • THE PRIZE FOR ORIGINAL MUSIC, awarded to Mrs. DORINA CRIŞAN RUSU – for the performance THE WIZZARD OF OZ, International Festival of Puppets and Marionettes Theater Puck, Cluj Napoca, 2006.
  • THE PRIZE FOR DIRECTING, awarded to Mr. DANIEL STANCIU – CINDERELLA performance,Gulliver Galaţi Festival, 2003.
  • THE PRIZE FOR SCENOGRAPHY, awarded to Mrs. DANIELA VOICILĂ DRĂGULESCU  – CINDERELLA Performance, Gulliver Galaţi Festival, 2003.
  • THE PRIZE FOR DEBUT IN DIRECTING ANIMATION THEATER, awarded to Mrs. OANA LEAHU – for the performance THE MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURE – Gulliver Galaţi Festival, 2000.
  • THIRD PLACE PRIZE IN NATIONAL COMPETITION  – F.N.C.R., 3rd edition – for the performance THE GREAT ECLIPSE, 1981.
  • THE PRIZE FOR ROLE INTERPRETATION, awarded to the actor ION CRISTESCU –  – in HARAP ALB, Puppet Theater Festival Bacau, 1975.
  • THE PRIZE FOR THE BEST PERFORMANCE AND ARTISTIC UNIT – for the performance THE GOAT WITH THREE KIDS – Bacau Puppet Theater Festival,1974
  • PRIZE for THIRD PLACE –  for the performance THE GOAT WITH THREE KIDS – International Festival in Zagreb, Croatia,1973.
  • THE PRIZE FOR ROLE INTERPRETATION IN ESPERANTO LANGUAGE, awarded to actress LICSANDRA DRAGU –  the performance THE GOAT WITH THREE KIDS, International Festival in Zagreb, Croatia , 1973.
  • DIPLOMA FOR ORIGINALITY – for the performance High, Higher and Higher – International Festival of Puppet Theaters Bucharest.
  • THE HONORARY DIPLOMA – for the performance The Pig’s Story – BUCHAREST PUPPET THEATERS WEEK.



Teatrul Prichindel




Misiunea Teatrului de Păpuși „Prichindel” Alba Iulia este aceea de a oferi producţii și evenimente teatrale pentru a educa prin teatru, în vederea creșterii nivelului de dezvoltare culturală a comunităţii județului. Teatrul de Păpuși „Prichindel” Alba Iulia îşi desfăşoară activitatea pe baza programului de management elaborat de către director-manager, în concordanţă cu strategiile culturale şi educativ-formative stabilite de Consiliul Judeţean Alba.


Str. Andrei Mureșanu, Nr. 3, 510117, Alba Iulia, Jud. Alba, RO
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