Prichindel Puppet Theatre was established by the Ministry of Culture, by decision no. 201 of September 1st, 1952, as a professional puppet theatre, with legal status. Since its establishment has had management, administration, own budget. In fulfilling the aesthetic destiny of the theatre have contributed over time important directors, set designers and composers.

Prichindel Puppet Theatre is the only institution of its kind in the county. It is an active presence in the life of the city, involved in organizing school festivities, numerous charity performances, exhibitions, concerts, national holidays, being always a generous partner and open to collaborations in a wide range of cultural events.

The basic activity of the institution is the setting up and presentation of performances for children in the home town, county and country, performing both at the theatre's home stage and at the theatre community centers or houses of culture in other cities. Its theatre performances are also present in national and international festivals.

Prichindel Puppet Theatre's mission is to educate the audience through art and to promote performing arts and also to foster cultural exchanges between areas and countries. Creating theatre performances for children using mainly the art of animation and other forms of theatrical expression are part of the institution's nature and specificity.

Prichindel Puppet Theatre adapts to the requirements of the public, by diversifying its offer of performances through the artistic view of its collaborating directors but also by choosing the titles that form part of the repertoire. Organizing a grand festival, the STORIES International Theatre Festival of Alba Iulia, addressed to an audience of all ages, has materialized the idea to create a projects theatre that addresses mainly to young people and adults.

The promotion of the values enshrined in the Romanian and universal literature, classical and contemporary can be found in the theater's performances.The Puppet Theatre also initiate and conducts projects and programs in the field of formative-artistical cultural education.

PROJECTS (museum, exhibitions, workshops, etc.)
- presentation of performances at home stage and different other locations (tournaments)
- production of new performances (premieres)
- free acces to the perfomances for children from orphanages, special schools, foster homes, people with disabilities
- workshops for children (kindergarten), students, adults: set design workshop, theatre workshop, puppet wielding workshop, acting workshop, flamenco guitar workshop, flamenco dance workshop
- book, CDs, magazines launches
- conferences
- press conferences
- photo exhibitions, caricature
- vernissages
- concerts
- projection of documentary film
- video projections
- partnerships / projects with other cultural institutions
- participation in national and international theatre festivals
- celebration of the festive days dedicated to theatre: World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People, World Puppetry Day.
- home theatre

- technique of wielding the puppets - vayang type
- semimarionettes
- oversized puppets
- mask
- actors in sight

The STORIES International Theatre Festival Alba Iulia - 13th edition 2018

organized by PRICHINDEL Puppet Theatre Alba Iulia /

Since 2006 PRICHINDEL Puppet Theater Alba Iulia, with Alba County Council, established one of the most sought after and popular theatre festivals in Romania, STORIES International Theatre Festival of Alba Iulia – The festival has an original format and is open to all age groups. It includes performances for children, youth and adults, concerts, workshops, CD and book launches, exhibitions (theatrical costumes, photos, cartoons, scenography sketches), press conferences, thematic discussions etc. The Festival receives its own newspaper throughout the period of its unfolding.
Theater Halls full of spectators, tickets sold out in the early days of the sale, the straightforward views and opinions of specialists, guests of the festival (directors, actors, set designers, theater critics) but also spectators, constant requests of foreign theatrical companies to participate in the festival, the expressed desire of theatres and companies who already took part in the festival to return for future editions are just several elements pointing out that over its 13 editions the Stories International Theatre Festival of Alba Iulia has become a prestigious cultural event, both, famous and necessary in the development of regional and national cultural life.

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