Hansel & Gretel – an urban story

Adaptation after The Brothers Grimm

Written and directed by: Ana Crăciun Lambru
Puppets and costumes design: Alexandra Budianu
Stage design: Elena Iorga
Music: Cári Tibor

Cast: Ioana Bogățan, Mădălin Costea, Cătălina Mihăilă, Iulian Costea, Irina Melnic, Ramona Benchea Mincu

Assistant director: Elena Madaras
Puppet and stage décor production: Free Puppet Theater
Sound: Florin Andrea
Lights: Călin Popa
Stagehand: Gheorghe Hațegan
Carpentry and laser design: Paul Budan
Tailoring: Mirela Tămășan

Theater manager: Ioana Bogățan

About the play:

Hansel and Gretel is a verse adaptation of the classic story, which stages, with humor and song, current issues in our society. In the reinterpreted story, the two children come from a poor family and live in a suburb of a big city. Seeing the hardships of their parents to put food on the table, they decide to embark on an adventure through the city to find food and relieve them from the struggle of providing a meal. On their journey, they meet funny characters and experience some life lessons. When the crumbs scattered on the street are nibbled by sparrows and the children can no longer find their way home, the earnest policeman takes them to the Gingerbread House – an orphanage they have never dreamed of. Here, the mysterious Lady Strife offers them a meal and … their lives take a strange turn.

The show is inspired by the mission of the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation, which aims to transform all placement centers in the country into Welfare Centers and Family Homes, to prevent the separation of children and ensure their reintegration into society.

Ana Crăciun Lambru, director

Genre: puppet theater for children
Running time: 50 min.
Age of target audience: 4+

Premiere date: june 26, 2021
Sala 67 – Prichindel Puppet Theater

Class Activities

Date : 13 Oct 2022

Teatrul Prichindel




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