Artistic Director: Teodora Popa
Set Design: Siriteanu Costache Gavril
Music: Levente Szöcs

Cast: Teodora Popa, Viorica Boda, Ramona Mincu Benchea, Irina Melnic, Mădălin Costea

Stage Director: Elena Madaras
Lights: Ovidiu Tămășan
Sound: Florin Andrea
Stage hands: Răzvan Laszlo, Horia Oarga
Tailoring: Mirela Tămășan
Carpentry: Marin Goia



What could be more fun during childhood, than finding yourself in a toy store? The joyful play of choosing a toy seems a wonderful task for Dina, the main character of our story. But things are not always as they seem at first glance. Her adventure in the toy store is not just a “children’s play ” … and in her quest for the “most wonderful toy” Dina forgets that sometimes fulfilling ones desire and wishes must be done wisely. Disobedient and demanding, she gets into a lot of trouble, seemingly hopeless to escape, her only reliable friend, who realizes the danger being The Rabbit. He embarks on a quest, following unknown paths, trailed with the tricks of the mischievous dwarfs, searching for a way to save the situation, a „cure” known only by the beautiful Northern fairy.
We invite everyone, young and old, to discover the fantastic and emotional story behind the curtains, a story that teaches us that the true values are the spiritual ones, and childhood is one of the most beautiful periods in life.

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Date : 23 May 2018

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