Directed by, screenplay, adaptation: Radu Dinulescu
Stage manager: Ioan Pitic
Music: Levente Szöcs

Cast: Teodora Popa, Irina Melnic, Radu Hăprian- Dan

Stage Director: Elena Madaras
Lights: Ovidiu Tămăşan
Sound: Florin Andrea

Type: Nonverbal
Genre: Performance with actors in sight and wayang puppets
Suitable for: indoor, performance hall

Age of target audience: 8+
Running time: 45 minutes


Performance with actors and puppets, as well as all sorts of machinery and equipment for children 6 years of age and above and their parents. In a new, hostile land, full of boulders and stones, out of an egg rolled down by destiny, comes to life a new world, with strange but funny beings. The same problems, the same myths, the same little stories remind us of our own history, of our own qualities and faults. A performance that tries to tell us, without words, but with lots of music and colour, how important love, pity and fear are, along the grea experience of life, regardless of the Universe.

Radu DINULESCU – Director

Class Activities


Date : 24 May 2018

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