Text adaptation: Cristian Pepino
Collective work: Teodora Popa, Viorica Boda, Ramona Mincu Benchea, Irina Melnic
Set Designer: Marian Sandu
Music: Levente Szőcs
Cast: Cătălina Mihăilă, Mădălin Costea, Tudor Cristian Popa, Iulian Costea, Teodora Popa, Viorica Boda, Ramona  Benchea Mincu, Irina Melnic.
Stage Director: Elena Madaras
Lights: Ovidiu Tămăşan, Călin Popa
Sound: Florin Andrea
Puppet making / painting: Marian Sandu, Oriana Pelladi
Tailoring: Mirela Tămăşan
Carpentry: Marin Goia
Stage technician: Gheorghe Hațegan
Performance presented in Romanian
Running time: 50 min.
Target audience age: 4+
Premiere date: April 8th, 2017
The Goat with Three Kids, a collective creation with an original concept produced by PRICHINDEL Puppet Theatre Alba Iulia, brings on stage a surprising performance full of fun, singing and color. A story that delights audiences of any age in which we can rediscover the moral insights that Ion Creangă wanted to convey. A theatre performance enriched with new characters, built on a very humorous script, a scenography based on strong Romanian traditional accents and cheerful tunes. The three playful goatlings invite you to stand up together against the big bad wolf…!!!


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Date : 23 May 2018

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