Directed by: Decebal Marin
Set designer: Elena Ilaș
Sculpture: Florin – Lucian Marin
Music: Traian Păcurar

Teodora Popa
Irina Melnic
Viorica Boda
Ramona Benchea Mincu
Cătălina Mihăilă
Mădălin Costea

Technical Director: Elena Madaras
Lights: Ovidiu Tămășan, Călin Popa
Sound: Florin Andrea
Tailoring: Mirela Tămășan
Carpentry: Marin Goia
Stage technicians: Gheorghe Hațegan

Theater manager: Ioana BOGĂȚAN

Genre: Performance with actors in sight, marionettes
Running time: 50 minutes
Age of target audience: 5 +
Non-verbal performance

Brief presentation of the performance:

A performance for children and not only, about encounters and their miracle, about how every living soul – animals, birds, people – all things seen and unseen, meet in the park. It is also about seeking friendship, love and sharing. Created in small stories that intersect, with specific musical themes, the performance reveals to the viewer an entire world full of candor, playfulness and all-embracing love.
Stories in the park lead us from beauty and friendship, to the time of love from its first glance to the happiness of reunion.
A performance that by its mood of magic, purity and candor, invites the viewer to a deep reflection and thus to the awakening of the emotional intelligence of the soul, that is known since ancient times as wisdom of the heart. What more can we people want: just the others to understand, to accept and love us, just to be together…

Decebal Marin, director


Photo: Anca Iacob

Class Activities


Date : 20 Dec 2019

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