Directed by: Cristian Pepino
Stage manager, costumes: Vlad Tănase
Music: Dan Bălan

Cast: Viorica Boda, Irina Melnic, Ramona Benchea-Mincu, Cătălina Mihăilă, Mădălin Costea, Rareș Bogdan Porca.

Technical director: Elena Madaras
Lights: Ovidiu Tămăşan, Călin Popa
Sound: Andrea Florin

Tailoring: Mirela Tămăşan
Carpentry: Marin Goia

Age of target audience: 4 years
Running time: 45 minutes
Language: Romanian


Princess Zulufina is a text inspired from a story written by Baroness d’Aulnay. King Zburlici is madly in love with the princess Zulufina. Desperate because she does not answer to invitations and letters, he asks master Voiebună, who is skilled in solving all problems, to bring Zulufina to his palace. Along the way, Voiebună will save a fish, a sparrow and a squirrel from death, and in their turn, they will help him back, later on. After Voiebună defeats the Ogre and manages to get magical water from the dragon’s cave, the princess is bound to go to the palace of Zburlici, as promised. But, the ungrateful king throws him in jail. With the help of Voiebună’s faithful puppy, Ţopăilă, the king’s villainous plans are foiled, the evil characters are turned into cats and Princess Zulufina marries Voiebună.

Cristian Pepino, Director



Class Activities


Date : 23 May 2018

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