Artistic Director: Cristian Pepino
Stage Design: Cristian Pepino, Vlad Tănase
Music: Nicu Alifantis

Cast: Teodora Popa, Viorica Boda, Irina Melnic, Ramona Mincu Benchea, Radu Hăprian Dan, Costea Mădălin, Iulian Săsăran

Puppet Design: Vlad Tănase
Puppet costumes fabrication, costumes for actors: Mirela Tămăşan

Lights and Projection: Ovidiu Tămăşan
Sound: Florin Andrea
Stage Technicians: Ilie Petrescu, Horia Oarga

Running time: 40 minutes
Target audience age: 7+
Performmance presented in Romanian


Short presentation of the performance:

LOOKING FOR SNAILS is above all an eliptic performance … The language is used marginally, minimally, becomes important rather by its acustic-musical side. It is a performance of feelings, of experiences and depends on the inner world of each individual to decipher its secrets. The visual expression plays a vital role and goes along so well with the music of Nicu Alifantis, that you are tempted to wonder whether we are viewing a live video … You will experience quality music, full of tenderness, innocence, childhood. The musician’s chant is honest, vulnerable and valuable. The actors follow completely the directorial discourse which is advanced with maturity, succeeding the supreme trial … to convey the message beyond language. It’s catchy, you let yourself go with the flow, at times you submit to it without iven realizing.

And what would all of this have meant without Cristi Pepino to put it all together so naturaly …


Inspired by the poem LOOKING FOR SNAILS by Ion Barbu and music by Nicu Alifantis the performance provides a visual representation that combines stage movement and video projections.

Cristian Pepino, director



Class Activities


Date : 23 May 2018

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