Author: Emanuel Engel
Directed by: Radu Hăprian
Adaptation by: Aurel Crăciun
Lyrics: Ion Sângereanu
Music: Nicolae Ionescu, George David
Soundtrack: Levente Szöcs
Stage Design: Eustaţiu Gregorian

Cast: Radu Hăprian Dan, Anca Hăprian Dan, Ramona Mincu Benchea,Teodora Popa, Viorica Boda, Mădălin Costea

Stage Director: Elena Madaras
Lights: Ovidiu Tămăşan
Sound: Florin Andrea
Stage Technician: Horia Oarga

Puppet design: Hani Sasu
Tailoring: Mirela Tămăşan
Carpentry: Marin Goia

Minimum age: 4 years
Duration of the performance: 55 minutes


The performance has a strong educational aspect and its based on the central idea that any success or achievement in life cannot be accomplished without personal effort and study. Talent and passion have to be backed by hard work to ensure success. It is a sincere performance, clear-cut, depicting the realities of everyday life and, through theatrical art, trying to connect the child and to spring awareness, regarding this realities. Exhilarating music, which captures the audience from the beginning, accompanies very well the unfolding of the whole performance.

Class Activities


Date : 23 May 2018

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