Directed by: Aurel Crăciun
Stage Manager: Eustaţiu Gregorian
Music: Marius Ţeicu

Cast: Anca Hăprian Dan, Radu Hăprian Dan, Mariana Szabo, Amalia Pop, Ioan Pompiliu Cristea

Stage Director: Elena Madaras
Lights: Ovidiu Tămăşan
Sound: Andrea Florin
Stage Technician: Horia Oarga

Tailoring: Mirela Tămăşan
Carpentry work: Marin Goia

Minimum age: 3 years
Running time: 55 minutes



The play “A Story from the World of Puppets” by Leo Joseph and Pehr Spáčil is a dynamic performance, full of energy, exciting, with obvious educational functions for the young spectator, masterfully staged by director Aurel Crăciun. The story focuses on the duality good – evil symbolized by the characters (both puppets and actors) who are provided with expressive names, stating Good (Dan, Dana, Brânduşa, Ionel etc.) or portraying Evil (Hapsanul/ Grabby). The global view is wide, positive, focused on white, the faces of the puppets are very expressive and representative for the assigned role, the soundtrack is engaging and well structured based on the performance’s sequences, character names have a Romanian resonance, announcing, as well, the nature of the character, interaction with the public is obvious (question for the audience): “How is it going at school?”), the script is built in a way that allows the public to transform in an active participant during the performance, the use of language has an educational function, it is accessible to the young spectator and promotes funny dialogs through word games (“shllow – show”). The comic is also one of language usage and one of gestures.


Class Activities


Date : 24 May 2018

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